Crisis Talks 1

Wolas, adopting the principle of advocating for human rights against both minor and major authorities regardless of time and place, has started a series of talks on countries that violate human rights under the subtitle of ‘Crisis Talks’. On October 26, the first talk of the series was entitled ‘Palestine in the context of the law of war and genocide’ in order to determine and analyze the current situation of Palestine, the most violated human rights country currently. In the program moderated by Arzu Somalı, the general coordinator of the Istanbul Center of International Law, academician Dr. Onur Dur and Wolas’s Research and Programmes Executive Hüseyin Dişli participated as speakers. In the program, many topics were touched upon, starting with the description given to the concepts of international law, humanitarian law, the law of war and the war against terrorism, the self-determination of the Palestinian people and its international law foundations were elaborated. In the program evaluating Israel’s legitimate defense argument, the functionality of international institutions, especially the ICC, was criticized after discussing whether the crime committed by Israel could be considered a crime of genocide in terms of international law.