Crisis Talks 2

The second programme of Crisis Talks was held on 3 November under the title ‘Palestine And The Politics Of International Law’. The programme, moderated by Rebecca Clare Iszatt Dişli, was addressed by Dr. Shahd Hammouri, a law Lecturer and member of the executive committee at Lawyers for Palestinian Human Rights. In the programme, the right of the Palestinian people to resistance and armed struggle and Israel’s self-defence argument were examined in terms of international law. The prohibition of the use of force, which is frequently criticised by Israel, was assessed in terms of international law. Dr Hammouri, evaluating the legal process based on her personal experiences, referred to the attitudes of international institutions, especially the ICC, based on the fact Palestine is a party to the Rome Statute. Hammouri emphasised the importance of the reactions of not only the states but also the peoples in the process for the implementation of international humanitarian law, and also touched upon the solutions that could be applied to terminate the crimes.