On 17 December 2023 an online conference on East Turkistan convened, commemorating the International Human Rights Day observed on 10 December 2023. Distinguished speakers representing numerous countries participated in this significant event. The conference was organised in collaboration with WOLAS, Free Uygurs Now, ETHR, Stand For Uygurs, IUETO, ABIM, Bait Almanah, MiM, Youth Univ, Wafiq, Poet, and Qurtuba Foundation associations from the UK, USA, Malaysia, Türkiye, and Australia.

Over an extended period, the Chinese occupation in East Turkistan has been characterised by colonialist policies and egregious violations of human rights. The systematic perpetration of genocide and crimes against humanity directed towards various Turkic-Muslim communities, notably the Uyghurs, is substantiated by official documentation, evidential corroboration, and testimonies.

This conference marks the release of two comprehensive reports prepared by the East Turkistan Human Rights Watch, a stalwart in addressing this issue. The inaugural report, the East Turkistan Index 2023, compiles data illustrating the oppression, persecution, and human rights transgressions prevalent in East Turkistan. It elucidates the occurrences of the past year, substantiated by evidence. This report assumes pivotal importance as it encapsulates a compendium of evidence and academic studies pertaining to East Turkistan, encompassing the crimes committed, the stance of international bodies and states, and scholarly examinations.

The second report, titled the Women’s Report, delves into the ramifications of China’s assimilation policies in East Turkistan, specifically for women. It accentuates the deliberate targeting of East Turkistani women for transformation into compliant Chinese citizens, achieved through the imposition of human rights violations including assimilation policies, coerced marriages, and religious and cultural subjugation. This report not only sheds light on these violations but also advocates actionable measures to forestall such transgressions and address genocidal policies.

Featuring speakers from the US, Australia, the UK, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Türkiye, and other countries, the conference centred its discussions on six principal themes:

  • Current situation in East Turkistan
  • International response to Genocide in East Turkistan
  • Chinese propaganda strategy for covering up its crimes
  • Achievements of East Turkistan advocacy efforts in 2023
  • Unified advocacy strategies
  • East Turkistan advocacy in the International Law Framework

In order to access the full East Turkistan Index 2023 report:

and the full Women’s Report: