The Education Unit operates in order to increase the number of people advocating for rights in Turkiye and in the world, to convey the necessary knowledge and experience to those who are interested in advocacy, and to inform those concerned about current developments.

Being a rights defender in Turkiye and in the world brings with it some difficulties. Issues such as the necessity of international work, expertise in many legal disciplines and having some professional qualifications appear in this context. Overcoming these difficulties and raising expert and competent rights defenders is the primary goal of the Education Unit.

Our training activities are planned openly to people with certain qualifications, who meet the necessary conditions of participation and to everyone related to the field, with the aim of reaching rights defenders all over the world, especially in Turkiye. Our primary training program is Worldwide Lawyer Training program consisted of 3 stages and lasts for 1 year.

In order to train specialists in secondary fields required for international human rights law, international humanitarian law, international criminal law and rights advocacy, our main activities are level training, specialisation courses, speech series, symposiums and panel organisations. These activities are carried out both individually and together with national and international institutions and organisations with which our association is in cooperation.

The Education Unit continues its activities through the executive board, which works under the supervision of the board member of the association.