WOLAS Reporting Unit is the Unit that works in close coordination with the Monitoring Unit and prepares reports and information notes on human rights violations by processing reliable data from the Monitoring Unit. The purpose of this Unit is to draw attention to all kinds of human rights violations that take place around the world, which the Monitoring Unit has identified and communicated to it in order of importance, and to suggest legal remedies to be taken against these violations, if necessary. With this aspect, it is aimed that the reports prepared both raise awareness to the public and offer solutions to the violations as much as possible. Reports and information notes are first published on the association’s website. In addition, if deemed necessary, they are published in booklets and presented to the public. The target audience of these reports and information notes is the entire international public, especially international judicial bodies, non-governmental organisations, local and international authorities. The Reporting Unit consists of academics, lawyers who are experts in their fields, and human rights defenders.


The Reporting Unit works by the following principles:


  • to use as simple and understandable language as possible,
  • respecting the confidentiality of information and consent,
  • to include cases and analyses and describe each,
  • relying on verified information,
  • being execution-oriented and suggesting solutions as much as possible,
  • to comply with the methodology.