Derya Oruç

Derya Oruç Sezgin is a skilled lawyer currently practicing at Kafadar-Yuvalı Law Firm, building on her experience gained as a Legal Intern at the same firm. In addition to her legal roles, Derya has served as a Contract Manager at Extramus Start-up and engaged in Text Translation. She holds a degree from Marmara University Faculty of Law, demonstrating her commitment to legal studies. Noteworthy achievements include completing the Future Leaders Foreign Language Course by Tawakkol Karman Foundation and participating in the Refugee School organized by the International Association for Refugee Rights. Derya’s dedication to professional development is evident in her attendance at various courses, such as the International Investment Law Lecture Series by ICIL and the Arbitration Series by ISTAC-ELSA. She has also participated in Human Rights Law Training by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Environmental Law Training Conference at Marmara University, and the Count me In studio organized by AEGEE.