İrfan Tatlı

İrfan Tatlı is a political scientist and researcher. He graduated from the Department of Political Sciences at the International University of Sarajevo (IUS) in 2017. In his undergraduate thesis, he examined the impact of borders in Africa on current conflicts after the colonization period, with the case of Somalia. He completed his master’s degree at Social Sciences University of Ankara (SSUA) in 2022 with the thesis titled “Beyond the Arab Uprisings: The emergence and development of the Sudanese social movement (2018-2021)”. Tatlı continues his PhD in the International Relations program at Sakarya University. He took part in projects for refugees within the Turkish Red Crescent. He currently works as a researcher at the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. His research fields include migration, social movements and human rights violations. He focuses on Afghanistan, Sudan, Syria and conflict zones around the world as areas of interest.