Rebecca Clare İszatt

Rebecca is completing her PhD thesis on Facebook-mediated representations of Thai national identity at the University of Leeds (UK). She was a KUASIA (Koç University Center for Asian Studies) Visiting Scholar from 2022-2023, where she undertook preliminary comparative research on multimodal representations of street animals in Turkey and Thailand. At Leeds, she has taught undergraduate Thai-language (2018) and digital communications (2022) modules. She was a scholar-in-residence at the Library of Congress (USA) in 2019 and held research affiliations with Silpakorn University (Thailand) in 2016 and 2018. Her aim as WOLAS’ Rights of Nature & Animals programme coordinator is to synthesise her interdisciplinary academic background and mixed-methods research skills to promote, solicit, and supervise expansive research into the legal status and rights of nature and non-human animals in Turkey and beyond – as provisioned by existing legal frameworks in practice and, comparatively, the ethical grounds of various religious/sociological/philosophical domains. She is currently in dialogue with international scholars at the forefront of animal rights research with a view to scheduling an inaugural event for WOLAS’ Rights of Nature & Animals programme in 2024.