Süleyman Kurt

Süleyman KURT, born on April 23 in Eskişehir, completed his undergraduate studies at Anadolu University Faculty of Business in Eskişehir. Subsequently, he pursued a master’s degree in human resources management and labor relations at Yalova University in the Department of Labor Economics. During his graduate studies, he engaged in professional and voluntary work in Civil Society Organizations, focusing on projects and articles in the field of human resources. His academic book titled “Human Resources Management in NGOs” was published by Nobel Publications. He authored the module book “Human Resources Management/Processes in NGOs” within the “NGO Excellence Training Project,” initiated in 2021 and published by TGSP in January 2024. Süleyman KURT has taught Human Resources courses at the NGO Academy of the Principle Association and has volunteered to conduct training sessions in various NGOs. He has held key roles as a founder and manager in Civil Society Organizations such as IHH Humanitarian Aid Foundation, Sadakataşı Association, International Refugee Rights Association (UMHD), Refugee Associations Federation (MÜLDEF), and Worldwide Lawyers Association (WOLAS). Since 2016, he has been serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the international refereed academic journal MEJRS. Engaged in civil society activities since high school, Süleyman continues to contribute actively.