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    Legal Analysis of the Provision of Humanitarian Assistance to the Palestinian Population of Gaza by the International Freedom Flotilla Under International Law

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    İsrail’in Soykırım Eylemlerine Destek Veren Herkes Soykırım Suçundan Yargılanacak

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    International Law & Human Rights Law Seminars

    The seminar series will be titled “The Problem of Justice in the Context of Global Crises.” It will feature seminars led by academics, lawyers, and rights defenders who have conducted critical studies in the fields of International Law and Human Rights Law, accompanied by a moderator.
  • Programmes

    Worldwide Lawyer Training Program

    The Worldwide Lawyer Training Programme is a comprehensive training programme designed and implemented by WOLAS to enhance the training of qualified professionals in the field of International Law and International Human Rights Law.
  • Programmes

    Rights of Nature and Animals Program

    WOLAS monitors the impact of human activity on the environment, such as deforestation, pollution, and climate change. They use this information to raise awareness of the need to protect the environment and to advocate for policies that will reduce our impact on the planet.

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    You can join WOLAS’ global network of lawyers in order to advocate for human rights, the rights of nature, and animal rights by contacting your elected officials, and by speaking out against human rights abuses, environmental abuse, and animal abuse. Please contact info@wolas.org.


    We are always looking for volunteers to help with our work. Please contact info@wolas.org.

    Who are we?

    Worldwide Lawyers Association

    Worldwide Lawyers Association (WOLAS) was established in 2016 by lawyers and academics working in Turkiye, with the aim of conducting activities in the international arena. It is open to individuals who advocate for rights, and its main focus is advocating for rights. Protecting the rights of individuals against both major and minor authorities is one of the association’s primary objectives. In pursuit of this goal, WOLAS adopts an approach that constantly questions the assumptions and blind spots in the understanding of human rights, renewing them with a demand for a more holistic and inclusive concept of justice.

    Method of Operation


    WOLAS Monitoring Unit carries out both situation-based and case-based human rights monitoring activities in order to understand whether the legislation and practices of any country comply with international standards or norms.


    WOLAS Reporting Unit is the Unit that works in close coordination with the Monitoring Unit and prepares reports and information notes on human rights violations by processing reliable data from the Monitoring Unit.

    Legal Operations

    The main purpose of the Legal Operations Unit is to make the necessary applications by using the International and/or Regional Human Rights Protection Mechanisms through the lawyer in the charge in the relevant country within WOLAS


    The Education Unit operates in order to increase the number of people advocating for rights in Turkiye and in the world, to convey the necessary knowledge and experience to those who are interested in advocacy