Reporting Misconduct or Abuse

This form serves as a means to contact the investigation department in the event of potential misconduct or abuse involving WOLAS staff, volunteers, or affiliates.

Important points to note before submitting a complaint:

The investigation department does not handle requests for assistance or protection unrelated to cases involving misconduct or abuse committed by WOLAS staff or contractual partners.

Confidentiality is of utmost importance to the investigation department, ensuring that all information received, including submissions through this form, is treated as strictly confidential.

Personal contact information provided through this form will neither be used, sold, nor shared with any third parties.

To maintain the integrity and confidentiality of the investigation, refrain from lodging complaints with third parties without prior approval from the investigation department.

Please Select the Type of Misconduct or Abuse:

Discrimination or Harassment

Undesirable and unwelcome verbal or physical actions based on gender, religion, language, or ethnicity. Unfair and unethical prejudice against an individual or a specific group (e.g., denying services due to their ethnic origin).

Misconduct or Inappropriate Behaviour

Intentional misconduct, direct violations of the law or WOLAS policies.

Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Harassment

Instances of physical or verbal sexual harassment, exploitation, or abuse experienced or witnessed within WOLAS’s programs or offices, perpetrated by WOLAS staff, partners, or volunteers against beneficiaries.

Policy Violations

Actions that directly contravene WOLAS policies.


If none of the above descriptions adequately capture the event, action, or situation you wish to report, please provide your own definition in this section.